Saturday, June 7, 2008

HTC Touch Diamond Concept Store at Low Yat Plaza

Finally, the new toy from HTC is release in Malaysia===> HTC Touch Diamond

This long waited & expected model just came into Malaysia market on 06 June 2008.I have wanted to feel & touch the diamond for months, and finally, there is a Touch Diamond Concept Store in Low Yat Plaza allow me to feel it.

Guys,i guarantee you after "feel" or "touch" the diamond, you'll know that HTC had just step into a new level of technologies.

*For those who interested in visiting this concept store, you can refer to this address:
PDA Expert Sdn. Bhd.
Lot G-27A, Ground Floor,
Low Yat Plaza, No. 7 , Jalan 1/77,
Off Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel: +603 2144 8446

Here's some pic. i took yesterday when visit the concept store:(CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO ENLARGE) :P

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Sami said...

what are they 14-15 years old - Yeah they can really tell you a lot about the technical specification of this phone - sure

Sami said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
James said...

Nah, there at least 18, probably in there 20's. Though, Im 16 and can quite well surpass most BestBuy and phone kiosk sales reps in there own product information. Age and intelligence is only really a stereotype at best, its doesn't say to much really, in practice anyway. Only an Apple Genius can really make me stutter, meh.

tonicboy said...


I guess you can be smart at 16, but have awful grammar. Are you a stereotype?

"there at least 18" -> "they're at least 18"
"in there 20's" -> "in their 20's"
"Im 16" -> "I'm 16"
"in there own" -> "in their own"
"say to much" -> "say too much"

Scottm90 said...


What has the world came to... People judging other on their grammar because he is a little more word illiterate than you at his current age?

But look, this is a Blog. Not and English class and most likely saw this in passing. Now if this is what you get your sad kicks out of, great for you 'buddeh'.
James, I’m on your side. Tonic please be a bit more respectful. Not everyone got abused for every grammar error when they were younger.

Anyways, I’m quite excited to try this out. See how it feels. Also the screen doesn't look too big but I know they have 'beefed' out the UI for more finger interaction which I can happily say was a great idea. Can’t wait till it hits stores in the UK.

indy said...

I'm guessing this is something I can't get in the US. Ever.

leanlee said...


I agree with scottm90. This is not the place to criticize others regarding their grammar. The more funny thing is that tonicboy's own command of the English language isn't that exemplary either. The very first sentence is already grammatically incorrect.

Please live in peace.

- L

jarrod said...

is the owner of the blog kyan yap??

The Big Kahuna said...

You can, Indie... I can ship one to you if you like. Email me at and we can discuss it.

Ath said...

what's the malaysian retail price???

Glenn said...

First off, thanks to the original poster!!! HTC devices rock, and when you add the newest device, attractive young ladies, and what must have been at least an hour at the store... that's dedication baby! Keep up the great work!!!

As someone who's been following HTC devices since AT&T released the 8525 here in the US, let me throw out some assistance to indy.

While HTC has only made one model of their phones in the past, for example... the original HTC Touch is still only tri-band, and therefore could be problematic in some US areas... the HTC Touch Cruise was released quad-band. That's the phone I bought from (I think) about 3-4 months ago, and I just love it. (Expensive to import OR wait to buy from a US company like I did, but after an 8525, it's a GREAT phone!) So what does that do for us you say? The Diamond isn't quad-band. Well, more recently, HTC has heard the cries of North America, and in the coming months they will be releasing a quad-band diamond unit!!! That means with patience, you too can have this phone! Carriers like O2 are picking up on it in Europe, and with any luck... AT&T, T-Mobile, or someone will bring it to the US. If not, or should be able to hook you up.

In closing, let's be polite here folks. A bunch of silly complaints don't help anyone. And all the original poster is trying to do is share his love for these units. Is that wrong? I sure don't think so!!! :) Thanks again man!!!

Mark said...

Great pics, love the girls. Can you post bigger pics of the girls?

Izrur said...

Yay for angelica pics (one of the girls name :P)

Retail price for diamond over here is RM2,799 iirc. That's about 855 USD lol

QuaChee said...

looks cool! :) they sure have the sleekness, and a store like that, im sure it will be packed!

Anonymous said...

btw the htc touch diamond is currently available at bestbuys online store.

Anonymous said...

btw the htc touch diamond is available at bestbuy's online store

Waterto said...

the girls r wicked cute..
now I want to live in Malaysia

Felix Yukito said...

which one is angelica??? hehe.. i wanna noe!! and don't argue guys.. enjoy the chicks!!